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Our works

Throughout the years we have worked with some of the biggest names in the world of online/social games. We've helped on all aspects of game development and co-produced some products that we can be proud of.

Here are some of the highlight of our recent works :

Idle Gods & Fresh Deck Poker

Working closely with our friends at Idle Games Inc. to help them launch these two awesome titles : Idle Gods and Fresh Deck Poker.

We helped their art pipeline and support through the process until the games are released and satisfies the audience.

Skyfall - TF Legends

Helping Ngmoco with their art process and various bits of supports throughout the development.

Deadliest Catch Social Game - Mogoball

Our friend at Hivemedia wanted to create a NFL Players licensed social games and we're happy to help !.
Working closely with them we develop the games until it's released.

Later on, we also helped with their Deadliest Catch games on the art side.

Lionside Games

We became part of the kickass Sillicon Valley startup Lionside Inc to be their 1st development studio.

During that time we produced two massive social games based on major sports license : Lionside Football and NBA Legend.

Handipoints Inc. / Slide

Working with Handipoints Inc./Slide to bring many online (multiplayer) mini games for the site

We had alot of fun in this project as the games were designed mostly for children.


Our studio was contracted by Nexon Publishing NA to produce a MMO game based on our title Motorama.


Motorama (Internal)

The game that started it all.
Motorama got rave reviews and featured in many game publications.